Civilization 6 Australia: Perfect Civ For Passive Expansion And Single Player

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Civilization 6 Australia
Source: Civilization 6 First Look Australia video

Recently, Firaxis revealed Australia as the next playable Civilization in Sid Meier’s Civilization 6. This new Civilization’s passive bonuses allow it to thrive near coastal cities and work better if it constantly dabbles in warfare. Here’s what we know so far about the Civilization 6 Australia release.

Mid 20th Century Australia

In the Civilization 6 Australia First Look video, Firaxis introduced Australia and its leader John Curtin as the new playable Civilization in the game. Australia as a Civilization thrives on making coastal cities and having maximum Appeal on its tiles. Additionally, Australia receives production boosts if it gets a Declaration of War or liberates a City. Its leader, John Curtin, was the prime minister of Australia during World War 2. He is considered one of the country’s best leaders.

Strong Passive Bonuses

According to Clintthedecent’s thread on the Civilization Reddit, Australia’s passives allow it to thrive faster especially when left alone and with enough space to build its territory. Its Land Down Under passive allows Australia to capitalize Natural Wonders with its district construction bonuses.

The Outback Station improvement allows Australia to heavily capitalize on Pastures for more Food and Production. These improvements can only be built in Deserts, Desert Hills, Grassland, and Plains. However, that literally covers most of the available land tiles in game. Lastly, Australia can also have Culture Bombs on Pastures similar to Poland’s Culture Bombs. If Australia is left alone on a good territory, its passives will allow it to grow fast. This is because of their extra tile yield bonuses.

Best against AI

Due to John Curtin’s Leader Bonus Citadel of Civilization, Australia is extremely effective against AI Civilizations. The Citadel of Civilization passive grants Australia a +100% Production bonus if it receives a declaration of war or liberates a City. Most AI Civilizations focus on just pushing their Agendas on the player. Some AI Civilizations will often declare war to the player to fulfill it.

Due to the current AI’s hostile nature toward their Agenda, players can just keep on angering other AI Civilizations and reap the production bonuses. However, be careful of the potential loss of entertainment Amenities in your cities and stack Production penalties in your cities in the long run.

Australia Release Date

Currently, Firaxis hasn’t given a release date for Civilization 6 Australia. Players will have to wait for further announcements to know when they can have their hands on this next playable Civ. Stay updated with more Civilization 6 news here on TheBitBag.

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