Civilization 6: 4 New Leaders And Troops Detailed By Firaxis

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Civilization 6

In a German gaming magazine, Firaxis has revealed four new leaders and possibly some returning unique units in Civilization 6. However, the reveals were only surface level as they only feature the concept art and leaders? appearances. The leaders? unique advantages were not discussed. Here are some of the Gamestar magazine scans from Reddit user s0nderv0gel.

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New Leaders

The Chinese and Japanese leaders are the newly revealed leaders in this batch. Theodore Roosevelt and Cleopatra has long been confirmed in previous trailers, including some of their Civilization?s unique passives and units. Chinese leader Qin Shihuangdi and Japanese leader Hojo Tokimune were revealed, but fans will have to wait for the new passives and units for their civilization.

In previous Civilization 6 trailers and video reveals, the Chinese Civilization has a unique move to speed up Wonder building, while the Japanese Civilization still has the Samurai unit. Other than those info, players will have to dig through backgrounds of these historical leaders such as Hojo spreading Zen Buddhism in Japan and Shihuangdi building massive infrastructure projects such as the Great Wall of China and Terracotta Army during his rule.

New Troops

Meanwhile, War Elephants, Conquistadors, Samurai and Maryannu Chariot Archers have been confirmed in the game. Previously, War Elephants belonged to either the Indian or Siamese Civilization. The Indian War Elephant are made up of unique mounted archers, while the Siamese Naresuan?s Elephant comprises unique Lancers. The War Elephant?s inclusion may confirm either Civilization, as both an archer and a spearman are riding the mount. Additionally, the inclusion of Conquistadors confirms the appearance of the Spanish Civilization in Civilization 6. Lastly, the Maryannu Chariot Archers are an Egyptian unique unit, while the Samurais are obviously a Japanese unique unit.

Just like the American Civilization in Civilization 6, these playable countries may receive heavy changes to their strengths and focuses. Currently, the American Civilization focuses on Culture victories instead of massive border expansion through tile buying. This was also the case for the Wonder-focused China whose Civilization 5 version focused on generating Great Generals faster for Domination Victory. Egypt was the Wonder-focused Civilization back in the previous game, so it might be focused on Diplomacy or Civic in Civilization 6 since Cleopatra is their leader.

Lastly, Japan may have extra advantages in Faith-related bonuses due to Hojo?s connection to Zen Buddhism. It might be safe to assume that most of your favorite Civilization 5 nations will have new bonuses that may heavily change the play styles from the previous game.

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