City of Heroes/Villains New Expansion Goes Live!

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It’s all the entertainment you get from comic books, but without the ink rubbing onto your fingers.

The City of Heroes/City of Villains games just got their latest free expansion. ‘Issue 12: Midnight Hour’ promises new power choices to each attack type, new Zone Maps and extra costume parts. But the best part, by far, is the new unlockable archtype for Villains. For the longest time Heroes have had the ability to play as a special character type (after leveling a character up to level 50) while the Villains have been left in the cold. However, now Villains will have the chance to join up as a member of the mighty Arachnos Army! You can play as a Wolf Spider or Blood Widow. Each side branches out into 2 different types and each offers their own unique abilities.

I’m downloading this update as soon as I get home! Make sure you do the same.

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