‘Cinderella And Four Knights’ Episode 12 Eng Sub, Recap: Ha Won And Ji Woon’s Relationship Gets More Serious

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Cinderella and Four Knights episode 12 showed how Eun Ha Won and Kang Ji Woon?s relationship getting more and more serious.

The romantic comedy stars Jung Il Woo, Ahn Jae Hyeon and Lee Jung Shin. They play spoiled cousins Ji Woon, Hyun Min, and Seo Woo respectively. Their grandfather, Chairman Kang, is tired of their bratty antics. He hires Ha Won (Park So Dam) to be their all-around helper in their shared mansion, which they call the ?Sky House.?

Cinderella and Four Knights episode 12 recap

As seen in the Cinderella and Four Knights episode 12 English subtitled video at the end of this recap, the story started with Ha Won in the columbarium of her mother. She is confused after a man named Kang Young Jin appeared in the previous episode, claiming to be her biological father.

Ji Woon caught her there, still in a state of shock. ?The Kang bachelor explained to their ?Cinderella? that he understood how she felt. This is because his father from the Haneul Group came looking for him years ago, insisting that he is one of the heirs. However, Ji Woon never believed the claim.

The truth about Ha Won?s father

Throughout Cinderella and Four Knights episode 12, Ha Won noticed undesirable behaviors about Young Jin that made her doubt him. She pointed out traits that her own mother never would have approved of, which made her hesitant to meet up with her alleged father.

However, Ji Woon believed in Young Jin and promised to help him out. He lent him money and even shared his personal number. Ha Won discovered these and got upset with Ji Woon.

To prove that all he wanted was to help, Ji Woon conducted a DNA test to verify the identity of Young Jin. This is when they confirmed that he is really not Ha Won?s father, but is just a con artist who is looking for money.

What?s next for Ha Won and Ji Woon?

With Ha Won distraught from the whole ordeal, Ji Woon took her out and opened up about his feelings for her. They end up kissing for the second time.

After the two lead characters faced more serious matters in Cinderella and Four Knights episode 12, do you think that things will soon escalate into a full blown relationship? What will they do with Chairman Kang and Park Hye Ji, who are against them being together? Let us know what you think by commenting below and make sure to keep following TheBitBag for updates on your favorite Korean dramas.

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