?Cinderella And Four Knights? Ep 13 Eng Sub: Ji Woon And Ha Won Against The World

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Photo from Cinderella and Four Knights official Facebook page

Cinderella and Four Knights episode 13 showed how Kang Ji Woon and Eun Ha Won are fighting the odds to be together. The new couple?s dedication is evident amid all the trials around them, as seen in the English subtitled video at the end of this story.

The TVN romantic comedy stars Park So Dam as Ha Won. She is the young househelp of three spoiled cousins who live together in the ?Sky Mansion.? One of the bachelors, Ji Woon (Jung Il Woo), eventually falls in love with her.

Deeper connection

Prior to the most recent episode, the two already began connecting more deeply. What started from a drunken kiss during a group vacation eventually got more profound.

This was seen in how concerned Ji Woon was when a con artist pretended to be Ha Won?s real father. He investigated and even shouldered a DNA test to help her discover the truth.

The ordeal made the two closer and led to them confessing their feelings for each other.

Ha Won?s deal with Chairman Kang

However, Cinderella and Four Knights episode 13 will show the consequences of their decision to fall in love with each other.


Photo from Cinderella and Four Knights official Facebook page

At the earlier part of the story, Ha Won was hired to work inside the Sky Mansion by the Kang cousin?s grandfather, Chairman Kang. However, the CEO had warned her that she is not allowed to date any of his grandsons ? an order that she confidently agreed to at first.

Chairman Kang expressed his disappointment upon discovering the two?s romantic relationship. He even confronted Ha Won, who got very guilty.

Ji Woon?s decision

When CEO Kang ends up in the hospital, Ha Won began to feel even guiltier. She thinks about how she needs to keep her promise to the man who trusted her with his grandsons.

Still, Ji Woon tries to convince her to hold on to their relationship. His sweet efforts to make her stay can be seen in the Cinderella and Four Knights episode 13 English subtitled clip at the end of this article.

At one point, the rich bachelor even says that he is willing to give up his family fortune so that they can be together.

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