?Cinderella And Four Knights? Ep 11 Preview: Ji Woon Finally Fights For Ha Won

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Cinderella and Four Knights episode 11 – Photo from Facebook

Cinderella and Four Knights episode 11 will show how Ji Woon Kang will finally realize his true feelings for Eun Ha Won. In a recently released preview, the rich bachelor could be seen standing up for the Kang cousins? ?Cinderella.?

Airing on TVN every Friday and Saturday, the k-drama features actors Jung Il Woo, Ahn Jae Hyeon and Lee Jung Shin. Cast as Ji Woon, Hyun Min, and Seo Woo, respectively, they are spoiled cousins who live together in a ?Sky House? mansion. Their grandfather hires Ha Won, a poor working student, to be their all-around helper.

However, Park So Dam?s charming character will eventually end up changing the Kang cousins? bratty ways.

Cinderella and Four Knights episode 11

A Cinderella and Four Knights episode 11 preview shows how the characters will try to co-exist in the Sky House amid their intertwining relationships. The clip can be viewed at the end of this story.

As seen in the previous episode, Hyun Min and Park Hye Ji still have feelings for each other. However, they will choose to deny their emotions. This will cause Hyun Min to get uncomfortable every time he sees Hye Ji and Ji Woon together. This has fueled speculations that he will eventually try to win back Hye Ji after Cinderella and Four Knights episode 11.

Furthermore, Ha Won will also start to get affected by the four-way romance. The teaser revealed that Hye Ji will even confront her about Ji Woon ? not knowing that the rich bachelor has begun developing feelings for Ha Won.

Chairman Kang scolds Ha Won

Aside from Hye Ji, Ha Won will also be confronted by Chairman Kang about her relationship with Ji Woon. The strict grandfather can be seen in the Cinderella and Four Knights episode 11 preview looking utterly disappointed. He reminds her of his rule to ?not fall for any of the Kang bachelors.?

At one point, the Kang?s ?Cinderella? eventually comes face to face with Ji Woon. Ha Won says that she ?feels pathetic? about everything.

Ji Woon?s moment of truth

However, there is a scene wherein Ji Woon will stand firm to defend Ha Won. The bachelor will even announce that he will leave with her if anyone tries to make her leave the Sky House.

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