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Cicada 3301: Theory of What?s Behind the Curtain

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My opinion of what?s waiting for you at the end of the puzzle, a Cicada 3301 Mystery.

Please refer to this link to know what Cicada 3301 is.

It?s been 2 years now since the anonymous group Cicada first posted their puzzle the?Cicada 3301,?that made Netizens around the world curious. Everyone says that this is the hardest puzzle you could find in the web as it will take you not just around the internet but the whole world too.

Groups have been formed, theories have been made but all that is left for us are speculations. What if the theories we?ve all made are somehow connected? I mean, only the possible ones.

People who managed to finish or made it to the final stage have somehow ?disappeared completely from the face of the earth? said SimonTheSorcerer on his blog.

One of the possible theories I?ve read so far is the unconventional way of recruiting people for government agencies as stated here. Yes, that can be plausible with all the ?hush-hush?, but have we ever though that, maybe that is just a smokescreen? To make us think that they are recruiting people to be a member of their organization?

Here is my opinion of what is behind that door at the end of the mysterious road of the?Cicada 3301.

It is so obvious that they are recruiting people, based on the message from the picture they posted like this one.

(By Cicada 3301 (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons)

(By Cicada 3301 (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons)

What if the real motive behind the recruitment is just an inconspicuous way of passing off information to another individual? Instead of being a member, maybe they are giving out sensitive information to those who are worthy or have passed their test?

Here is why I think this is also another possible theory. ?On one of their posts, they mentioned there that ?enlightenment awaits Good Luck? ?signed 3301, there must be a valuable information waiting for you after you finish the puzzle. ?They also sent an email to the lucky ones who made it to the final phase of the challenge. One of the questions there is, ?Do you believe that information should be free??. In my opinion there are two possible meanings for this and they are:

1.) They want to know if you can be trusted with sensitive information. That you will not disclose any given information to you.

3.) They just want to know your honest answer to?that question.

You can read the rest of the leaked email here ?(source:

For all we know, this email is only a smokescreen to mislead us and they predicted this might happen.

In some cases, the tiniest detail may hold the answer to your question. We may never really know the answer to all of these questions. Only they and the ?chosen ones? can truly know what?s behind that curtain, a mysterious fog of the famous?Cicada 3301.


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