CI Games producer shows off some new details about the Lords of the Fallen

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CI Games producer Tomasz Gop shows off some new details about the Lords of the Fallen during different interviews and previews.

In one of the interviews of CI Games producer Tomasz Gop, he said that “[Lords] is not a story-driven, nor character-driven, nor exploration-driven. It is gameplay-driven, a combat-centric experience.”

Gop said that the combat will definitely be real-time, tactical, and challenging, but assures gamers that it is not a punishing game. ?The way that you choose to craft your skills is the basis of fun and entertainment here.”

Lords of the Fallen is an upcoming fantasy action RPG co-developed by CI Games and Deck 13 which is set to come to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in Fall 2014.

The game is set within a medieval fantasy world that is ruled by a Fallen God. Some previews said that Lords of the Fallen will take players to a world where demons are suddenly appearing, after thousands of years of being cast away, taking on the defeat and imprisonment in the ground of Lord Rhoger. Previews also said that there?s only one man to defeat such evil ? Harkyn. This character is described to have all of his sins tattooed on his face, but bravely took the challenge to defeat evil forces.

On the visual side of the Lords of the Fallen, it can be easily noticed that highly detailed environments and great lighting set a great tone for players.

At this year?s Bandai Namco Global Gamers Day event, CI Games producer Gop presented a more exciting game with the end in mind of giving freedom to players. ?Lords of the Fallen? will have multiple endings, a New Game+ mode, and the ability to fight and defeat enemies and bosses in various and different ways.

Moreover, Gop presented both the benefit and penalty for choosing the easier routes.

These and more are expected to be launched in the upcoming E3 event which will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 10 to 12 before its release this Fall.

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