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Pawn Stars? Austin Russell a.ka. Chumlee is back at the Gold and Silver Pawnshop as a recent tweet from the TV personality indicates. However, this does not mean that he is officially back on the History Channel reality series.

The most recent tweet from Chumlee reads ?Going to be in the shop at 1:30 to 2:30 taking photos, come by first person to mention this tweet gets a shirt.? Although this is not the first tweet Chumlee posted about his return to the pawn shop. Earlier tweets from last week show photos with fans at the shop as he regularly updates his followers of his schedule.

He is also very responsive to tweets from fans. A fan from India tweeted him, ?Do u know? U r more popular than Rick, Corey & Daddu in India? U r d Best! U r both funny,? and he replied with, ?I love India!!!!!? While another fan asked ?are you still working at the pawnshop?? and his reply was, ?Yes!!! For ever I will be there.?

Chumlee clearly loves his job at the shop and fans definitely miss him, and good news for fans, it looks like he will be returning to the series on its next season. According to Cinema Blend, Chumlee will be back when new episodes start airing. ?The report continues that ?there has been no change? with Chumlee?s employment status in the reality show as the upcoming episodes were actually filmed before his arrest in March. This means that the show will not be addressing anything related to Chumlee?s case at all.

As recalled, Chumlee was arrested in his Las Vegas home and had 20 felony charges last March. Police entered his home carrying a search warrant due to a report that he allegedly sexually assaulted a woman co-worker. But he was not charged for sexual assault as there was no concrete evidence. However, various narcotics and drug paraphernalia and firearms, some unregistered, were found in his home which led to the multiple felony charges. He was arrested on March 9 and was soon released on a $62,000 bail. A court hearing followed a few months after.

Rick and Corey Harrison from Pawn Stars have been very supportive of Chumlee during his arrest and court dealings and it did not affect his employment status at the shop. Chumlee is also a fan favorite on the show so it will not be surprising to see him again on the next installment.

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