Chum Lee In Pawn Stars Shop Already, Raising Charity Fund For Kids

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Austin Lee Russell, also known as “Chum Lee” on Pawn Stars is back at the Gold and Silver Pawnshop to host a meet and greet event for charity. Following reports that Chum Lee is set to take a plea deal that would keep him out of jail, he could already fulfil his promise to his fans about his return.

In his recent tweet, Chum Lee indicated that he is back at the Gold and Silver Pawnshop. But this does not mean that he is officially returning to the hit reality show.

Instead, Chum Lee hosted the meet and greet for World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. Fans could have meet and have photos with him from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Thursday through Aug. 4 and they could do so for free.

Though charges won’t be collected for the meet and greet, attendees can give their donations. The proceeds will be given to various local charities every week. These organizations include Epilepsy Foundation of So. Nevada, Noah?s Animal Shelter, HELP of Southern Nevada, ?Children?s Heart Foundation, Grant A Gift and Shine Family Foundation.

Anyone who is willing to donate $100 or more to the charity chosen for the week will be rewarded with a chance to have a private lunch with Chum Lee. But fans should hurry as only the first five will be picked. They can also invite at least one friend to join the encounter with Chum Lee.

In one his interviews, Chum Lee assured his fans that he will return to the show. He proudly shared that among the cast, he is the favorite guy that pawnshop customers love to hug.

However, no details were released as to when exactly he will be coming back. History channel did not release any information about when the jokester is set to return to Pawn Stars. But whether Chum Lee could return or not, the show’s upcoming season is going to be its last.

In March, Russel faces charges after guns and drugs were found in his home in Las Vegas.


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