Chromecast Audio Price And Features: New Streaming Gadget Makes Music Experience Better?

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Google has unveiled two new products today aside from their new smartphone lineup.

They are introducing two new streaming devices, though they may have launch streaming gadgets previously, these two redesigned gadgets will give users a greater experience for the their video and audio streaming. The first was just called the new Chromecast while the other was the Chromecast Audio.


The new Chromecast is an improved version of the original Chromecast, now featuring a disc-like design instead of the original dongle appearance. It now features three antennas, has 5GHz 802.11ac Wi-Fi and 1080p HD video support. All you need to do is plug the new Chromecast on the HDMI port of your LED TV or monitor and start your streaming. The new Chromecast has a new feature called Fast Play, where it allows the streaming device to load any video or audio much faster. As for game streaming, your smartphone can act as a secondary screen and controller, making it your gamepad and remote control for your Chromecast device. Another feature called What?s On allows users to get informed on what new contact are available for Chromecast, it basically pull in data from YouTube, Netflix and other Chromecast-ready videos and acts as a TV Guide for supported streaming services.

Next is the Chromecast Audio, it focuses more on audio streaming unlike the new Chromecast that focuses more on videos. It will use Google Music to stream songs on your Chromecast Audio and can be played in any speakers in your home, your friends can even access your streaming device via guest access when they can stream even if they are not connect to your WiFi network. Aside from Google Music, you can also use Spotify for your music streaming and it will allow multiple users at once, meaning you can skip your songs and move to your friend?s playlist.

The new Chromecast and Chromecast Audio will be available in 17 countries for $35.

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