Chrome Can Help You Know if Your Email Has Been Read

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San Francisco ? based company Streak has recently created a free Google Chrome extension that can let email senders know when their recipients opened an email. This extension works with a Gmail account, where senders will receive a notification when someone opened the email and who did it.

It Tells You Where Your Email was Read

Streak offers a special feature where Gmail account users can determine when the email they sent has been viewed. This Chrome browser extension gives real ? time location recipient updates by putting the email on a map. An eye icon will pop out when someone views an email sent by a user with Streak.

The eye icon turns green when the recipient opens the email, which signals the sender that the email has been read. Recipients are not required to install Streak for the sender to determine when the email was open.

A More Organized Email Account for the Busy Professional


The new free Google Chrome browser extension also lets Gmail users keep track of all their emails straight from the inbox. You can organize the emails you receive as you desire. A spreadsheet view of your emails will be shown so you can create and edit messages fast.

An app has also been made available for professionals that are always on ? the ? go. They can keep track of their customers even when outside the office. They can send emails and make phone calls directly from the app. Latest updates from other users may also be viewed on the newsfeed.

Busy people can create an email and have it sent later using Streak. When it comes to security, this extension adds a layer of organization on top of the user?s email and all of its data are secured using cloud technology.

Designed for CRM

Streak was designed for customer relationship management. It features tools for support, hiring, sales, scheduling and sharing emails company ? wide. You can also use it with Gmail in Safari browsers and Google Apps accounts for companies. The extension is in beta version, but developers plan to maintain the free version even when a paid premium version is already available.

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