Chrome Browser Alternatives: 4 Best Mobile Browser Apps For Android Devices

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Check out these Android mobile browsers if you?re sick of Google?s stock Chrome browser

Let?s cut to the chase–this is a short list of the best Android browser apps to get if you?re tired of Google?s Chrome browser. Don?t get us wrong, the Big G?s popular mobile browser has its merits. It?s fast and has a simple, user-friendly interface. But here?s the problem, not all Android models are made to run it as smoothly just like it does on Nexus devices and other flagships.

If Google?s offering is simply not good enough for your mobile browsing taste, try some of these worthy Chrome browser alternatives we found on Google Play. Bonus: All of them are free!

Best Chrome browser alternatives - Dolphin

Best Chrome browser alternatives – Dolphin


Download here

Dolphin is one of the most popular and oldest Android browsers out there. Boasting over 100 million downloads, it has more features compared to some of its rivals. Interface-wise, Dolphin has a playful design and is adorned with its signature green color. What sets it apart from other browsers is its little pop-up menu that displays several options when tapped. You can also set gestures to quickly navigate to a website instead of finding and tapping on bookmarks.

Best Chrome browser alternatives - Opera Mini

Best Chrome browser alternatives – Opera Mini

Opera Mini

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Opera Mini has a lot of design similarities with its feature-packed sibling, which is simply called Opera. But the resemblance ends there, this stripped down browser is focused on speed and data compression so you won?t have to deal with charges caused by blowing past your plan?s data limit. It also works efficiently on lower-end Android devices or for those users who have poor Internet connection.

Best Chrome browser alternatives - Firefox

Best Chrome browser alternatives – Firefox


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Firefox is originally a desktop browser that have made a wonderful transition to mobile. Like its desktop counterpart, the mobile version offers a number of features including customizable panels where you can display and arrange the app?s home panels however you like. It also supports Firefox Sync which allows you to access all of your tabs, history, add-ons, and bookmarks from your PC.

Best Chrome browser alternatives - UC Browser

Best Chrome browser alternatives – UC Browser

UC Browser

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The UC Browser, known for its speed and dependability, has a welcoming interface and well-designed, blue-based aesthetics. It has enjoyed over 500 million downloads across all mobile platforms. Many of its features are already being offered by some of the browsers mentioned above. What really separates the UC Browser from the rest is its stellar file and download manager. It allows you to download multiple files at the same time and gives you the options to pause it and continue the process until an Internet connection is within reach.


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