Christmas Video Goes Viral Of Grandpa’s Voice Recorded In Customized Teddy Bears

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Christmas Video

Melting hearts spread as this Christmas Video of two girls opening gifts and overwhelmed from their late grandfather?s message, who passed away tragically a year ago.

Christmas Video of two girls opening up their gifts gone viral

Jennifer Ramos is a 16-year-old teen who lives in Oklahoma and has two younger sisters, Mariana and Sarahy. Her family has undergone an unexpected misfortune when Florencio Jimenez, their grandfather, died of a stroke in the course of a robbery at a car wash last year.

?It?s been really sad for us not having him,? Ramos said. In a recent interview with BuzzFeed News, she shared how her family?s used to spending holidays with their grandpa.

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But on Christmas Eve, the girls? Aunt Andrea surprised the kids with a special gift made especially for them. She had prepared customized teddy bears for Mariana and Sarahy that contained recorded audio messages from their late granddad.

Jennifer was able to catch the heart-melting moment as her sisters took the bears out of their wrappers and heard their grandfather?s voice speak.

Mariana opened her bear first and was awestricken when the bear started talking. She burst into tears and embraced the teddy like it was her late grandpa. Sarahy was astounded as well and couldn?t believe what she heard.

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The audio messages were trimmed recordings from video clips the girls and their grandpa filmed shortly before his death, said Ramos. The messages were ?inside jokes? for the girls and finished with their grandpa?s genuine, wholehearted laugh. She thinks it was the laugh at the end that got the girls into sobbing.

Twitter breakdown of hearts?

Tears flowed on Twitter after Ramos posted the video of her two sisters opening their presents, with a caption: ?so my grandpa passed away tragically about a year ago and my aunt got my sisters a teddy bear that has a recording of my grandpa?s voice?

Her tweet has been shared by thousands of people since it was posted. Twitter users shared their sentiments with the girls and cried altogether. No one escaped the waterworks.

Christmas Video

In the end, the Christmas Video goes out as an inspiration to every family, a show of affection and undying love even with our loved ones who departed from this world.

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