Christmas Gift Ideas: Go Down Memory Lane with The Toys That Came Out The Year You Were Born

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The Christmas shopping season is on and you think of Christmas gift ideas for your child, niece and that adorable neighbor?s kid. Apparently, kids now enjoy innovative perks such as playing with tablets, smartphones and other digital toys without knowing the past. With lots of reboots and comebacks of classic shows and films, such as Voltron and Beauty and the Beast, do toys also deserve resurrections? Join us in our trip down memory lane for the toys we enjoyed so much!

Christmas Gift Ideas Straight from the 60s

Children between 1960-1969 welcomed toys suchs as Easy-Bake Oven, action figure of G.I. Joe, and Hot Wheels. Children who wanted to be scientists might have requested the Operation and Chemistry Lab from their parents.

But our toy of the decade award for the 1960s goes to the Twister, the game that ties you up in knots. It’s interactive, fun and a good way to burn some calories. Our grannies probably had fun with this!


In the 70’s, iconic toys were released such as Connect Four, Simon, Star Wars action figures and the Atari VCS. In 1979, there were over one million Ataris sold in the market.

For this decade, the card game Uno gets the award. If you were born within this decade, you know what kind of consequences lie if you lose in the game.

Most toys from the 80s have appeared later on during the 90s to the present. Rubiks’s Cube in 1980 was recognized as the top-selling puzzle game and toy. Other toys in the decade includes Lego Train, BMX Bike, Nintendo and Game Boy.

However, Hasbro’s Jenga gets the attention. Pure concentration is required to play this game. This is also a game where players enjoy silence.

The Millennial’s Christmas Gift Ideas

Tickle Me Elmo, Tamagotchi and Furby entered during the 90s. Before Pokemon Go, there were Pokemon cards. According to Livingly, the rarest Pokemon card, called Pikachu Illustrator cards, has only four copies. One of its copy is on eBay and is up for sale at $100,000.

Digital and electronic toys began dominating the years 2000 to 2009. There was Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii and iPod Touch. But in the year 2000, Razor Scooters dominated the toy market. This one gained popularity after Dan Green did the first backflip ever.

Finally, the year 2010-2011 presented us with the iPad, Wii U and the Teksta, the Robotic Puppy. Let us focus the spotlight on the decade’s star–the Star Wars Remote Control BB-8. This spherical, free-moving domed head first appeared on the Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

After the 2015 film, BB-8 became so popular it sold over 1 million of its kind in the market.

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