Christmas Card Ideas 2016: Fun Virtual e-Cards for the Holidays

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Christmas Card Ideas 2016

Who needs Christmas Card Ideas for the upcoming holidays?!

With only less than ten days left until Christmas, everybody?s just going insane about the Christmas rush. And with all the exchange gifts and other gift giving events going on, people still have to think of a way to make their presents extra special. And that?s where Christmas Cards come in.

Though many people just tend to go on bookstores and buy ready-made cards, Christmas Cards can be made extra special when gift givers handcraft it by themselves. The only problem is, they only have limited ideas under their sleeves, and they just can?t seem to pull their creative sides off without any guide.

Christmas Card Ideas

So as a Christmas present to all the readers, The Bitbag decided to collect different Christmas Card Ideas that?s creative, easy to do, and of course, affordable!

Where to get Christmas Card Ideas

There are actually existing websites that offer drag and drop Online Card makers that people can customize on their own in just a short period of time.

The fun part is, it?s not just limited to a few layouts. People can even start from a blank canvass if they want to make their own! They can also check out the ready made designs if they ever decide on making their card handcrafted.

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You can choose between sending the finished product online, or print it out on a cardboard paper.

These sites include the following:

  • Canva
  • Fotor
  • Jukebox Print
  • ShutterFly
  • PicToMonkey

Virtual Christmas Cards

And if gift givers want to go beyond the usual Merry Christmas and Happy New Year greeting cards, they could also try doing a virtual one. It?s the 21st century after all.

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Jibjab offers a variety of Holiday Cards where one can place his/her faces on the cover, just in case they want it really personalized. It has different themes that one can choose from. Plus,?it?s definitely the kind that can make you smile when you receive one!

Same thing goes to Elf Youself where (from the name itself) people basically make themselves an elf. Just like Jibjab, there are variety of themes to choose from; ?can even make a group of elves out of it. The choices are so many, one can?t just simply run out of Christmas Card Ideas!

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Stay tuned to TheBitbag for more holiday ideas!

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