Chris Brown Rihanna Back Together Again? Details Here

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Looks like Chris Brown wants to be back again with his ex Rihanna. Breezy?s wish for this Christmas Day is Rihanna and him watching Kobe Bryant play basketball.

It seems romance is in the air for Chris Brown. He wants to give Rihanna a special gift. He has asked his soul mate to join him at Staples Center in Los Angeles to watch the legendary Kobe Bryant, 37, play in his last season reports HollywoodLife.com

Coming Christmas, Brown wants to spend quality time with daughter Royalty and play Santa Clause to her.

According to TMZ reports, anyone who knows Chris Brown knows he has three great loves: Royalty, Rihanna, and basketball! Especially since it?s the great Kobe?s last hurrah, the ?Royalty? artist wants to relight the days he spent with Rihanna sitting court side at basketball games.

?A source close to Chris reveals to HollywoodLife.com, ?He misses chopping it up with Rihanna at the games like they?ve done so many times in the past.?

?Kobe is one of Chris? idols! Chris? Christmas would be complete if Rihanna accepted the offer. Watching her smile and eat popcorn out the palm of his hands while watching Kobe play in his last season would be a dream come true for Breezy,? the source added.

It’s those sessions with Chris that Rihanna?misses where she loves spending the holiday season cuddling with him. ?The holidays are her favorite time of the year,? a source close to the ?ANTI? artist explained to HollywoodLife.com. ?She?s spent many holidays with Chris before and he?s the best at it! She misses all that warm and fuzzy stuff they use to do and she definitely misses their cuddling sessions. She?s having a weak moment for Breezy and she?s doing her best not to act on it.?

Currently, Rihanna is said to be dating Travis Scott. As TMZ reports, RiRi and Scott are about to tour together for her new album. Chris, however, isn?t fazed. A source close to Breezy reveals to Hollywood.com, ?If Chris really wanted to be with her today, he knows just what buttons to push.?

??It?s been a rap between Chris and Rihanna for the past years. Any man who really thinks he has a chance with Rihanna is out of his mind. She will always love Chris and the two of them know this, man!?

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