Chris Brown Rejected By Australians, Domestic Abuse Case Still Haunts Artist Upto Now

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The beginning of December doesn?t seem to look good for Chris Brown. Without any official reasoning from Comedy Central or Brown, the controversial R&B singer?s appearance on ?The Daily Show with Trevor Noah? was suddenly canceled on Tuesday night. He was replaced by TV star Nick Cannon without any explanation from producers.

The very next day, there was cancellation after a report came into sight stating that some of the show?s staffers were uncomfortable with the singer appearing on the program. Although TV Guide and cable systems still listed Brown as the guest on ?The Daily Show? when the program started, that notion was shot down when Noah announced at the top of the show that he would be interviewing actor Nick Cannon. (The show?s Instagram account confirmed Cannon as the guest a few hours earlier), reported The Washington Post.

Some writers took issue with Brown’s pattern of aggressive behavior, according to The Daily Beast.

The website further disclosed that the staff met on Monday for an ‘all-hands’ meeting where host Trevor Noah said he hoped the Brown interview could be used as an opportunity to bring light to domestic abuse issues.

Noah, 31, was himself witness to horrific abuse when he was younger in South Africa, reported Dailymail.com in April.

His grandmother revealed that Noah’s father shot his mother in the face and tried to hunt the comedian down, threatening to kill him in a fit of rage as per dailymail.co.uk

However, the producers weren’t convinced and Royalty singer was abruptly removed from the schedule.

A statement from the network to Washington Post read: ‘Guest bookings are always subject to change. The show hopes to reschedule Chris for a future appearance.’

Billboard reported that the upcoming Australia and New Zealand concerts had been canceled after the Australian government?s earlier misgivings about the troubled star.

The other shocking news for the singer was denial of a visa for entry into Australia and New Zealand for his One Hell Of A Nite tour.

Both pieces of bad news are reportedly linked to his much-publicized assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009, reported usmagazine.com

Fans who already have tickets to the early December shows will receive full refunds.

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