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Choose a travel backpack durable enough to withstand extreme travel adventures

This multifunctional bag is the perfect pack for exotic and extreme travels

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Picking the right travel backpack is necessary for planning your trip. A bag that is too big has too much extra weight to carry around, but if it is too small, it can never fit all your stuff. Picking the wrong material can also soak your things when it rains.

The best backpacks are the ones that last the longest and stay in good condition no matter how much you unintentionally damage them. It has to have all the following characteristics; durable, long-lasting, and weatherproof, like the Boundary Supply Prima System X-Pac Modular Travel Backpack.
Prima System X-Pac Modular Travel Backpack is a multifunctional travel bag with a 17” laptop sleeve compartment, a removable verge camera cube, and an internal compression pocket to make it more convenient for travelers that carry multiple devices. The X-Pac material used in the bags is made in the USA by laminating exceptional materials to create a more robust, lighter Boundary product.

Boundary Supply is a design-focused lifestyle brand creating function-driven solutions that ease the path beyond the destination. Their bags were initially constructed as sailcloth for racing boats because it is lightweight and ultra-durable. But over time, it has become more than that.

What makes Prima System X-Pac Modular Travel Backpack unique?

  1. Autolocking magnetic buckles
  2. Water/dust resistant
  3. Breathable back pad and harness
  4. Padded Nywool™ sunglass pocket
  5. RFID safehouse pocket
  6. External 32 oz. bottle storage
  7. Charging cable pocket
  8. Luggage pass-through back panel
  9. LFT™ foam shoulder straps
  10. Large front opening zipper compartment

The Prima System expands from 25 liters to 30 liters, while the Verge case provides an additional 10 liters of storage. This bag is even perfect for daily use or extended weekend travels.

Choosing the wrong and inappropriate backpack for your travels will only cause you a hassle and uncomfortable trip. This reason is what Boundary wants to avoid, simply by providing an all-in-one storage solution with their Prima System X-Pac Modular Travel Backpack to ensure every travel will be convenient.