Choices: Stories You Play ?The Freshman?: Who?s the Best Choice for the Main Character?

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Choices: Stories You Play

There?s a variety of genre you can choose from in Pixelberry?s Choices: Stories You Play. One of which is ?The Freshman??which already has a 3-book series and 2 holiday specials for free. It also has 3 more special books that can be bought for 30 diamonds.

?The Freshman? is one of the much-awaited romance books from Pixelberry?s Choices: Stories You Play.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers.

Choices: Stories You Play ?The Freshman? Plot

?The Freshman? revolves around a female main character and the struggles that she?s about to face as she begins her freshman year in Hartfield University. And by struggles, it means having to work for Professor Enrique Vasquez, a peevish and ill-tempered literature professor, to support the MC?s tuition fees.

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But the real struggle that the MC is about to face is having to choose among three love interests: Chris, Kaitlyn, and James. That being said, here?s a little profile to help Choices: Stories You Play ?The Freshman? players choose the best fit for the MC.

?The Freshman? Love Interests

The main character is basically entitled to flirt with her three love interests all at once in Choices: Stories You Play. However, at some point in the game, the MC will still have to choose among the three.

  • Christopher Powell

Chris is a handsome and charming football guy that the main character bumps into in the first chapter of Book 1. In a game of Truth or Truth, it was revealed that he doesn?t want to get into serious relationships after his heartbreaking incident with his ex, Nicole.

Choices: Stories You PlayChoices: Stories You PlayChoices: Stories You PlayChoices: Stories You Play

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He immediately and deeply falls in love with the main character, but decides to date a mean sorority girl named Becca. Powell eventually splits with Becca after telling the main character that he?s willing to take the risk again.

(P.S. The MC could literally reject him every time, and he would still act unaffected.)

  • James Ashton

James is a sensitive and sophisticated upperclassman who aspires to be a writer. One of the good things about James is how he admits he likes the MC, but doesn?t really guilt the MC into getting together with him.

The game also allows the MC and Ashton to have a sweet relationship build at some part of the game. Personally, James Ashton could be the best choice for MC, but then there?s Kaitlyn?

  • Kaitlyn Liao

In the first few chapters of the game, Kaitlyn acts as the MC?s best friend who pushes the MC to date Chris or James. Her character evolves into the MC?s love interest after being dared to kiss the MC in a Kappa Sigma sorority rush.

Kaitlyn?s character is almost very adamant about her romantic feelings for the main character. All in all she?s really sweet and interesting, even non-LGBTs would ship them!

Choices: Stories You Play is an interesting free simulation game currently available in both Play Store and App Store.

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