Chinese Auntie Just Told Chinese Tourists What We All Think About Their Behavior [Viral]

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A Chinese Auntie instantly became famous after posting her rant on social media about the rude behavior of some Chinese tourists. Bin Bin Ji posted a 15-minute video that shows her unbelievable comments about her co-Chinese. According to Bin, they break laws and are disrespectful. The auntie?s video has been viewed 1.5 million times on Facebook alone.

The short video, which Bin had initially posted on Facebook, was shared on Shanghaiist and Weibo. Bin?s clip had also gained a number of shares on various social media sites. It is? subtitled in both Thai and English.

Bin seems to deliver the message that several people think and would love to tell to some Chinese tourists if given the chance.

The clip was shot at the Lovers Beach in Phuket. What caused Bin to get angry was to see a Jiangsu woman who wants to take home some wood. Taking wood and other particular stuff from the beach is considered illegal.

When the tour guides informed the woman that she could not take the wood, it was when Bin started to feel unhappy about her behaviour. The Jiangsu girl reacted aggressively. She even boasted about all the countries she had already visited. She insisted that she will take whatever she likes and can do whatever she pleases.

Bin couldn?t help herself. She stepped in and spoke with the tour guides. He told them to allow the woman to take the wood. Then she turns to the woman who caused her disappointment. She said it is no surprise that people hate Chinese tourists so much. Bin also asked the woman why she?s such an asshole. The Chinese auntie said the woman is the most wonderful creature in the planet. Of course, that was sarcasm.

Bin suggested that in order for Chinese tourists to behave and learn their lessons, they should be thrown to the sea. She is also okay with them being swallowed by sharks.

After her courageous act, Bin is now a hero to both Chinese and Thai people. You might also want to follow her Facebook page since she had just created one. She plans to share more thoughts and rants.

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