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Chimpanzee vs. Drone: Chimp Knocks Out Drone Using A Stick, Only The GoPro Survives

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A camera-shy chimp displayed its aversion to modern technology recently when it was filmed using a stick to smack a drone out of the sky at a Dutch zoo.

Who?would?ve thought that we?ve learned a thing or two from watching King Kong movies, such as never fly too close to primates. Like the giant fictional ape whacking fighter planes out of the air, a chimpanzee at the Netherland?s Royal Burgers? Zoo defended its territory with a tree branch. It knocked down a GoPro-mounted drone flying over its habitat.

No drone is sturdy enough for a chimp in a bad mood

Makers of a show about the Dutch zoo tried to record aerial footage of the chimpanzees in their wooded enclosure. As you may see in the clip below, the clever chimps climb up to their trees and see what the commotion is about.

The drone manages to go dangerously near one chimp. Apparently baffled and unhappy with the strange flying intruder, it proceeds to pick up a nearby stick and take a swing at the drone. When it failed to hit the drone at the first try, the chimp tries again and successfully smashes the craft out of the air, sending it falling to the ground below.

According to the zoo?s website, the entire primate clan then descended upon the broken drone and made sure that it would never fly again. The GoPro attached to the drone, however, lived up to its reputation and ended up unscathed.

Why did the chimp knock down the drone?

So, is this chimp worried about authorities taking a photo of its sensitive parts, or is this merely the latest encounter in a more serious and global animal uprising? Whatever it is, the message is clear: This chimp certainly doesn?t want that drone in its face. However, as you?ll see in the video, it would like the drone to be in its mouth.

In?the YouTube video that has been watched over 1 million times at the time of this writing, the zoo wrote (translated from Dutch):

?[The] intelligent apes discovered the spying plane… and the animals immediately armed themselves with long sticks against the prying electronic intruder… With a direct hit the animal hit the drone down… and completely destroyed [it].?

See how the chimps won the battle in this short clip:

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Photo and Video Credit: ?Burger?s Zoo via YouTube

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