Children Are Dying! Heart Breaking Tweets About #Aleppo

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Man and child escaping Aleppo, Syria. (Twitter)

#Aleppo, #PrayForAleppo, #SOSAleppo are only some of the hashtags used by refugees to seek help for their evacuation from the city as pro-government moves in and is allegedly gunning down everyone in sight due to suspicion that they are rebels.

Russia announced that the battle is over! Pro-Syrian government has reportedly taken control of Aleppo after four years of fierce battle against rebel forces.

Viral Aleppo Kid

Remember the heart-wrenching photo of a five-year-old Syrian kid that has gone viral after he was found under the rubble covered in dust and blood and tears trickling down his cheeks following an airstrike in the city. He has become the face of many children cowering in fear in empty houses in the city.

People move among these empty buildings for they will be found by either forces and will become another casualty of the ongoing bloody civil war. With the recent victory, a deal to evacuate the people has been reached, but the United Nations claimed that civilians were being gunned down by pro-government forces for any record of insurgency. However, some people fear that mistaken identity will be at play and they will be executed right then.

#Aleppo Tweets

Since the crackdown, refugees are tweeting asking for help and prayers that they will survive and live for another day. Many people used social media to make their situation known to the world.

Below are some of the heart breaking tweets of people about #Aleppo

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