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Child of Light Review: A Game Of Love And Loss

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Child of Light is an RPG and set as a fairy tale where you play the character of a little girl named Aurora. The girl suddenly finds herself in the darkened land of Lemuria. Aurora is informed that only she, can restore the light taken away from the kingdom. She bravely sets out to complete her quest and meets allies along the way. Aurora will also battle her way through plenty of monsters.

The game hints that both Lemuria and her own world are threatened by some unknown forces. This urges the player to keep the character going, just to see what that threat is.

Players will immediately notice that the story is told in rhymes, a rarity in video games.

While a lot of video games boast of the latest CGI images, the scenes in the Child of Light looks more like hand drawn. To complete the fairy tale environment, the music adds the tension that urges the player to finish the quest.

Aside from roaming and exploring Lemuria, Aurora will need to solve a number of puzzles in order to advance to the next level. ?Aurora has?the power to fly, and this ability will come in handy because even the skies have a lot of secrets waiting to be discovered.

Aurora will encounter plenty of monsters in her travels. The combat is turn-based and the initial fights will be easy. As the game progresses, fights would require planning if you want Aurora to stay alive. Timing is crucial since a player can slow down, interrupt or entirely reset your enemy?s movement. Strategy is important especially if a player is facing more than one monster.

Every battle won will mean earning up a level, Aurora will need them to increase her skills. You can also choose the battles you want because the game allows you to avoid most of the fights. If the normal settings are child?s play, try setting it to hard for more challenging fights. Generally, players will breeze through the first half of the game and may struggle a bit to finish the last half.

Child of Light is offered on most major platforms such?PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U and PC.

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