‘Chick Fil A’ Eat All You Can Nuggets Launch Tomorrow, But There’s A Big Catch: Find Out What Here!

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Unlimited nuggets and waffle fries, that?s what people are talking about on social media when a Chick-fil-A ad offered the eat-all-you-can chicken nuggets and waffle fries. The promotion came from St. Pete Beach?s Chick-fil-A restaurant that went viral after posting an ad on Facebook, according to Tampa Bay Times.

The offer will begin on Friday starting from 5 until 9pm at the Chick-fil-A 4623 Gulf Blvd. with unlimited nuggets and waffle fries for just $12.99 while kids under 12 can pay for $8.99. What the restaurant didn?t consider was that over 100,000 Facebook users shared the ad and that people expected the promotion was happening nationwide. And although the St. Pete Beach restaurant deleted the ad from Facebook, it was already reposted and shared throughout social media.

?It is just that one St. Pete Beach location, not all Chick-fil-A?s in the Tampa and St. Pete area,? company spokesman Mark Baldwin said in a statement according to Tampa Bay Times. ?This happens sometimes when individual restaurants do promotions,? he added. ?They have to be extremely clear that it is just one location.?

Now people from all over the country are expecting the event to be available on every Chick-fil-A restaurants:



For the better part of Chick-fil-A?s problem, at least they know that people will easily come to any promotion of the restaurant as long as it comes with an unlimited amount of nuggets and fries, with free refills of course.

?The last thing we want to do is disappoint any customers,? Chick-fil-A corporate said in a statement according to Consumerist. ?But there are definitely not any plans to make it national.? So if you?re really bent on tasting those unlimited chicken nuggets and waffle fries, why not take a chance and go to St. Pete Beach yourself?

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