Cheese in the Trap: Why You Should Read It Instead of Watching the Kdrama

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Cheese in the Trap

Last year, fans of Cheese in the Trap webcomic were all hyped up about the live action adaption. What had an amazing start on its first few episodes ended in chaos when the kdrama?s producer, tvN, deviated from the original story line. This move angered fans and saddened the webcomic creator, Soonkki.

Here are the reasons why you should bail out from watching Cheese in the Trap Kdrama:

The ending was so bad.

Because the webcomic isn?t finished yet, it is understandable that tvN needed a way to end the tv series. Thus, the reason for deviating from the original story. What angered fans so much is that tvN did not consult with Soonkki – from what was supposed to be a story about the college life of Hong Seol (Kim Go Eun) and Yoo Jung (Park Hae Jin), ended in a totally different, messed up, seemingly rushed conclusion.

The producers did not respect the creator.

Fans were expecting the producers to at least have the integrity or respect for Cheese in the Trap creator, Soonkki. Meaning they should have followed her lead.

Soonkki opened up in her blog: ?I wanted the drama to have an entirely different feel from the comics because they are built on different types of media. However, the actual drama failed in doing so, being hailed as ?true to the original,?? she said. ?They never contacted me, so I had no idea that they were going to film the drama to exactly follow the comics.?

Soonki owned the title, and the change in direction without her approval was disrespectful to her.

The webcomic will give you a better experience.

Now on its episode 67th on the Webtoon App, Cheese in the Trap is still a hit. The story has now taken a turn into an even more exciting and thrilling plot. Each character has been given a good build up especially Jung. How the story is presented is very natural and realistic, that?s why fans have been raving about how much they can relate to the series.

The art on the other hand is crisp and is very effective in delivering or interpreting emotions. It is very original as well, not your typical manhwa or anime style, and the choice of colors are very refreshing.

Cheese in the Trap Webtoon

Cheese in the Trap Webtoon

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