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The Sims 4 is coming and everyone is excited to see what?s in store for Maxis? latest installment of the life simulation game. To give us a sneak preview, the game?s Producer, Ryan Vaughan, shows us a video that walks viewers through the latest innovations that have been made in one of the most basic parts of the game, the create a Sim function.

The Create a Sim function is where all the magic begins. It?s also one aspect of the game where it could potentially take the most out of your time compared to actually playing the game. For those who like to go in detail with customizing their Sims, you?ll be please to know that the interface has been made simpler and easier than ever to use. There are also a lot of new details that can be tweaked and innovations in technology have allowed for better and easier navigation of features and details.

In the video, Vaughan uses the popular Goth family as an example to go over the features. The Goth family should be very much remembered by players as they have, in one form or another, appeared in practically all iterations of the Sims franchise. Bella and Mortimer Goth both receive distinct customizations and costumes. Aside from that, they are also given different personality traits depending on their demeanor and characteristics. For example, Mortimer is more of a bookworm and a genius so he gets dubbed as a ?Renaissance Sim?, while Bella is more of the outgoing and romantic type so she aspires to be a ?Friend to the World?.

Various details start out from the hair and face where there are a lot of options to choose from. For instance, you can select a face first and then modify it further by giving a rounder nose, for example or bigger eyes. These changes can be made with simple dragging of the mouse up or down and gets you the look that you want in real time as well as add in the minor adjustments needed. There are also different hair styles to go over and practically anyone can have their own Sim version in the game. In fact, Vaughan was so pleased with how the technology works that he made a Sim version of all of the people in his office.

Check out the amazing video below.

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