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After the holidays, keeping fit becomes the trend. There are many ways that people try to stay in shape. One of these ways is biking, which may cause danger if recklessly done. Reckless bikers are the ones who just jump into the bike and go on pedalling. Do not be one of them. Think first of your safety before going biking.

To keep your bike in working order, it is really important that you get into the habit of performing these five simple ways to check your bike whenever you ride:

1. Check the Tires and Wheels

Check your tires to make sure they need to be inflated. Take a quick look all the way around for places where the rubber might be cracked or worn. Check the nuts that hold your wheels in place. Verify that your wheels are securely fastened so they don?t come out while riding.

2. Inspect Your Brakes

Squeeze your brake levers to make sure that they apply enough pressure to stop your bike and that you don?t have any problems with fraying or stretched cables. Also eyeball the brake pads in the front and back to be sure they are hitting only the rims and not the tires.

3. ?Study Your Seat Post and Handle Bar Stem

Make sure that your handle bar is set at the right height, that the stem is fastened tightly, and that your seat is set at the correct height.

4. Make Sure That You Have Your Helmet Ready

Make sure there are no cracks on the outer shell or inner surface of your helmet. Check also the straps if they are well-adjusted in such a way that the helmet fits just right.

5. Go Over the Chain and Gears

Check of your chain turns cleanly through your front and rear sprockets. You can do this as you pedal when you first set off. Quickly run your bike through its range of gears to make sure there are no problems. ?Also check if the drive train needs lubrication.

Simple, aren?t they? Remember that, for your safety, it is important to do these steps before you hit the road.



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