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Taito Resurrects Classic ’80s Arcade Action on Sprint Nextel Phones
LOS ANGELES, CA – Oct 12, 2007 Taito Corporation announced today that updated classic arcade games Chase H.Q.? 3D and Elevator Action? 3D are now available on select models of Sprint Nextel mobile phones including Sanyo MM- 7500, MM-8300, MM-9000, SCP-6600 Katana and SCP-8400.

Chase H.Q. originally debuted in arcades in 1988, and later brought its high-speed car-chase action to classic systems including the Atari ST, Genesis and TurboGrafx-16. Chase H.Q. 3D for mobile builds upon the thrilling gameplay of the original with updated 3D graphics. Players hurtle down the highway in an unmarked police car, hunting down criminal suspects with the help of Nancy, the friendly dispatcher.

In Elevator Action 3D, players face off against enemy spies while securing top-secret documents. The updated version of Taito’s hit arcade game Elevator Action puts a first-person twist on the classic shooter, and timed missions demand strategic problem- solving while maintaining a sense of urgency.
“Chase H.Q. 3D and Elevator Action 3D offer mobile gamers the thrill of action arcade games in a conveniently smaller package,” said Keiji Fujita, producer of both games. “They’re pocket-sized adrenaline rushes.”

Chase H.Q. 3D and Elevator Action 3D are available on the Sprint Nextel Digital Lounge storefront at $2.99 for a monthly subscription or $6.99 for unlimited use.

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