Charlie Sheen Former Girlfriends Who Might Be HIV Positive, How Are They Reacting After The Shocking Confession?

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Since Charlie Sheen announced his HIV Positive status in an interview with TODAY, more than five women have hired lawyers in the past day to sue the actor for ?intentional infliction of emotional distress, fraud, sexual battery,? and a lot more, according to TMZ.

The apparent former partners of Charlie Sheen claimed that they had protected and unprotected sex as early as last month but wasn?t informed about his HIV status. In the last 2 years, the actor has had over 200 sexual partners, so the number of women who are planning to sue Sheen might still grow exponentially, according to TMZ.

Amanda Bruce

On the other hand, a nurse who had an intimate relationship with Sheen, knew that he was HIV positive but still had unprotected sex. Amanda Bruce said that she was in a relationship with the actor for eight months and made the decision to engage in sexual activities after Sheen revealed his HIV status. Sheen?s physician, Dr. Robert Huizenga, was with Bruce when she revealed the information on the Dr. Oz Show, according to Daily Mail.

?I was the doctor for her boyfriend, we called in other doctors and they felt the risk of transmission if she took the prophylaxis and he had undetectable level was miniscule. We can?t say its zero,? Dr. Huizenga said. ?And so basically I think my advice to her was, ?Don?t do it, but the risk is miniscule.? And she elected to then go forward because she felt so close and wanted that level of intimacy.?

Bruce then said: ?I mean, if I had met him on one night, and we had decided to engage in this, I?d say, ?That?s Russian Roulette.?? The two have split up since and are no longer sexually active with each other but remains close. ?The reality is, we had known each other for many months before we engaged in [sexual relations]. And we were a couple, I was in love with him.?

Brooke Mueller and children

Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife Brooke Mueller has announced that she and the couple’s twins are negative for HIV. According to the Irish Independent, “Sheen announced he is HIV-positive during a candid TV interview with U.S. breakfast show Today on Tuesday, revealing he was diagnosed four years ago, when he was still legally married to the reality TV star.”

Bree Olson

Another sexual partner actor has revealed that she wasn?t informed about Sheen?s HIV status. Bree Olson, a porn star ?goddess? galpals actress and his partner during his 2011 meltdown stated that Sheen telling all his sexual partners that he was HIV positive wasn?t true.

?I don?t want to use lambskin, I wanted to use regular condoms,? Olson said. ?There were times that we didn?t use condoms at all, when things got more serious.? Olson might be planning to file a lawsuit or press criminal charges against Charlie Sheen according to TMZ.


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