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Is EXO?s Chanyeol going bald? That is a question a lot of fans have been asking recently after photos of the artist with a bald spot on the back of his hair spreads on the internet. Fans have speculated that Chanyeol is showing some sign of premature balding and fans are getting worried that it could get a lot worse.

Chanyeol stressed too much?

EXO fans may be thinking about Chanyeol?s bald spot too much but the growing concerns from fans have got everybody else thinking that it could become a growing problem. According to Soompi, the bald spot was first noticed from an EXO comeback press conference on June 8. In the video, a bald spot on the back of Chanyeol?s head can be seen. Another image also shows the bald spot of the artist when he bows. Fans have speculated that Chanyeol could either be suffering from sudden onset or premature balding.

News Everyday shared that Chanyeol?s supporters teamed up on social media and commented that their idol should rest and take a break for a while since the bald spot could be because of stress.

Soompi shared that fans have posted on social media saying ?I?ve heard of hair loss due to stress, but it seems like he needs a break,? ?Is he balding?? and ?Give the kid a break.?

?Fortunately, that bald spot in shape of a coin is caused by stress, so hair can regrow after a good amount of rest?? One fan posted, according to International Business Times.

?SM peeps, let him rest. It?s okay if they promote with black hair, so stop destroying their hair,? another fan posted.

On the other hand, EXO was able to make a comeback with a 3rd full-length studio album and music videos of ?Lucky One? and ?Monster? last June 9.

What are your thoughts on Chanyeol?s hair? Do you really think it?s a sign of balding? Let us know in the comments section below.

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