Channing Tatum Quits As Gambit? (Rumor)

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Even as Channing Tatum heavily expressed passion to portray the Cajun Gamit, reports surfaced saying he is backpedaling to quit the movie of 20th Cenutry Fox despite the movie nearing release next year with a casting call already up in the air.

Channing would have been supposedly producing the flick along with Reid Carolin, The Wrap however reported that the two of them are doubted to be continuing with the project with unclear reasons, adding that ?something is up? as Tatum has been actively in discussion with 20th Fox, TheWrap reported,

The rumor of Tatum leaving the movie comes as a surprise as he heavily expressed intent to play the role. ?I would like to play Gambit. Gambit?s my favorite,? Tatum said before. ?I?m from New Orleans, around that area. My dad?s from New Orleans, and I like to do a Cajun accent, I could do it for real.?

The whole team either needs to immediately recast Tatum or scrap the movie as Gambit is already set to film this October and penned for release on October 7, 2016.

Having a Gambit movie without Channing Tatum is going to spell disaster for Fox, Forbes reported, as the movie is heavily reliant on the actor to make the film successful especially as it is budgeted at $154 million, a far-cry from Fox?s blockbuster movie The Wolverine ($120 million) and even higher than Marvel?s Ant Man ($130 million). This is troubling as Gambit is still not established yet established as a big character.

?It only works with a movie star of Tatum?s pull, and even then it is a risk,? Forbes reported saying that the movie needs to front a star with mass appeal in order to lure viewers into watching Gambit.

Fox is surely going to be in deep trouble if the Gambit movie fails especially if rumors are to be proven that Tatum?s movie is going to replace Wolverine as the forerunner for X-Men standalone films.

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