Channing Tatum Gambit Movie Starts Filming, Marvel Origins Plot, Casting Rumors Revealed

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Magic Mike Star Channing Tatum will be prepping his card tricks once 20th Century Fox?s $154 million budgeted movie, Gambit, starts filming this October.

For Channing Tatum?s role as the energy charging Cajun Remy LeBeau aka Gambit, Tatum is already being taught hand card tricks by magician David Kwong who was the magic consultant of ?Now You See Me?, Gambit and Magic Mike Producer Reid Carolin told ScreenRant.

The Channing Tatum Gambit movie?is rumored to be an origins story of the titular character because its casting call includes numerous street criminals. The casting is also sparking rumors that Gambit will be replacing Wolverine as the star for Fox?s standalone X-Men movies as they are penned to appear in sequels.

Here is the casting call according to Showbiz 411:

  • Louis- Male, any ethnicity, 40s-50s. Elegant and intelligent. An appealing entrepreneur with an unexpected dark side.
  • Vera- Female, any ethnicity, mid 20s- 30. Beautiful, smart, tough, fiery and unpredictable.
  • Wes- Male, any ethnicity, mid 20s? 30s. Aspirational but weak minded. Soulful and sensitive.\
  • Fritz- Male, any ethnicity, 40s?50s. A professional thief. Charismatic con-artist. Warm hearted but untrustworthy.
  • Nash- Male, any ethnicity mid 20s?early 30s. A potent threat. Heir to his mother?s business. Malevolent.
  • Wilhelm- Male, any ethnicity, 30s. Dangerous street criminal. Protective and loyal to his family. Intensely loyal and violent.
  • Gary- Male, any ethnicity, mid 20s? early 30s. A little simple; dim-witted and passive.
  • Nonna- Female, any ethnicity, mid 20s?30 years old. Uptight, corporate vicious, sexual.
  • Joe- Male, Hispanic, 20s. Charming, handsome, and dangerous.
  • Ben- Male, any ethnicity, 20s. Just reaching adulthood. A street kid, a disaffected outsider, an orphan.
  • Boris- Male, Hispanic, 20s. Charming, handsome, and dangerous.
  • Clarissa- Female, mixed race, 10-12 years old. Ethereal and other worldly. Very expressive.
  • Wolfgang- Male, authentic French, 40s. A French criminal. Must speak fluent French
  • Howard- Male, Caucasian. 50s. A refined European mobster who speaks fluent French.

Gambit rumors

With a big budget and long-term casting details, fans are also speculating that Gambit will be included in the Fantastic Four and X-Men shared universe movie to rival Marvel?s Cinematic Universe. This rumor continues to spark hotter when X-Men Days of Future Past Director Bryan Singer hinted that a shared universe for X-Men and Fantastic Four is ?on the table? in the future, Comic Book reported.

Gambit’s total budget is projected to cost $154,975,309 million. A total of $111,834,168 million and $28,098,668 million will be spent on Louisiana and local employees respectively, Louisiana Economic Development said on its website Fast Lane.

The Channing Tatum Gambit movie?is being helmed by Dawn of The Planet of The Apes Director Rupert Wyatt. Gambit is being produced by Channing Tatum, Reid Carolin, Lauren Schuler Donner, and Simon Kinber.? Gambit is scheduled for release on October 7, 2016.

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