These challenging puzzle games will exercise your brain

It might take days before you solve them!

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Blow your mind with Puzzle Master:

  • Challenging and unique puzzle games
  • Increase mental focus 
  • Enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills

One effective and exciting way to invigorate your brain is through solving puzzles. They are great mental workouts or brain teasers before you delve into a difficult exam, report, or any other challenging activity that requires focus. They are also fun hobbies or family activities that will exercise and benefit your cognitive skills.

If you want to shake things up and try something new, the Puzzle Master is here to challenge you! Be warned: these are not the type of puzzles you usually see in the market or play with your friends. 

Puzzle Master combines puzzles and games in a single mind-blowing game activity that will test your critical thinking and problem-solving skills—and maybe, your patience. You can choose from different categories and levels of puzzles. There are metal puzzles, wire puzzles, wood puzzles, puzzle locks, puzzle boxes, 3D printed puzzles, and puzzle solutions – each with their own exciting twists that will surprise you as you try to solve them. 

One of the most unique puzzles is the 3D Printed puzzle. It has different types, too! The challenge is to find a hidden compartment before solving the puzzle like this Barrel Cooper’s Puzzle Box. It has a hidden compartment where a solution piece is located, which will serve as the key to restructuring the puzzle. 

You have to follow the pattern on the other side of the barrel, then put the hidden piece on top to fully restructure the puzzle. It comes with a display stand to put on your side table or shelf as well.

For more complicated puzzles to solve, you might want to try out the Wire Puzzles! Due to its small size, you can bring it with you in case you get bored or if you want to warm up your mental focus. It actually looks like an entangled safety pin.

The Cowboy’s Hobble is one of the most popular types of Wire Puzzles on the site.  It is made from nickel-plated wire and rope with a simple design that might be mistaken as an easy-to-solve puzzle. Don’t be too complacent, though, because its level of difficulty is grueling! You have to remove the ring from the string. To make it extra complicated, the bead is larger than the ring’s width, which can’t go past the wire loop. Good luck figuring it out!

If you prefer easier puzzles and games, Puzzle Master also has jigsaw puzzles and Rubik’s cubes – still with a twist, though.