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The Chainsmokers had a phenomenal summer after they managed to Top Billboard?s Hot 100 with their hit song Closer. Not to mention, they recently played at the VMAs as well. Now the two have revealed a big teaser that has sent shockwaves through the music scene already.

The Chainsmokers shared two videos of the pair working in a studio with none other than Coldplay?s lead singer Chris Martin!


Collab With Chris Martin

The two teaser videos were shared last September 14. The two videos are only 16 seconds long in total but it has sent fans into a violent frenzy already. Although it was never shown or mentioned that the vocalist in the videos was Coldplay?s Chris Martin, his voice is just too recognizable.

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The pair have had made a great collab with Halsey, odds are they?ll manage a similar feat with Chris Martin this time around. The sound that they?re working one seems like a melodic house track. Hearing Martin singing in the video, his voice sounds like a perfect build for the pair?s brand of music.

Although it’s still unclear if the song will be a new Coldplay song or a Chainsmokers song. The video didn?t give any hints if the rest of the Coldplay band had helped out in the song as well.

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Well either way, just the fact that they have a new song in production is already getting everyone hyped up. Not to mention, the fact that the pair are actually working with Chris Martin now, just shows how far they?ve made it in the music industry in recent years.

Bigger than Closer?

The question now is, will this new collab track be greater than Closer? Closer absolutely dominated Billboard?s Hot 100. The song topped the Digital Songs chart beyond a month as well.

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Closer was so big that it was number one at the Streaming Songs charts for a month. And a month after its release, the song had sold 199,000 downloads.


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