CES 2017’s Weirdest Gadgets Announced: Hairbrush App, Anti Pollution Scarf, Plus More!

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CES 2017's Weirdest Gadgets
CES 2017’s Weirdest Gadgets

Everyone who comes into this annual event always leaves with a smile on their face. And CES 2017 is no different as they showcased the amazing and weird gadgets available right now. Here are some of those brilliant ideas that attracts over 150,000 people worldwide.

The App Connected Hairbrush

When hair care company Kerastase and tech wiz company Withings together with L’Oreal’s Research and Innovation Technology Incubator team up, they came up with an amazing product. Introducing, Hair Coach – the first smart hairbrush in the world. It works by using sensors to detect hair damage and gives users feedback to show them how they can protect their hair better. It will even tell you how to brush your hair properly.

The Anti Pollution Scarf

Now, people don’t need to worry about inhaling all those toxic pollutants in a daily basis. The Wair anti-pollution scar is the smart solution. It has a built-in filtration mask that can protect wearers from pollution everywhere, especially in the busy city streets. The scarf has the capability of measuring the quality of air and sends users notification on their smartphone upon entering a polluted area. It will then prompt them to use the scarf to cover their mouth and nose.

The Vibrating Shorts

Not only will you look stunningly sexy in these shorts, the Spinali Design shorts have two vibrating sensors on its belt. It is connected to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth. It will help them navigate their environments and give out a buzz anytime they need to turn left or right. Additionally, you no longer have to check your phone every now and then because it will buzz you every time you get a call or text.

Life Saving Cane

This special cane that’s one of a kind is manufactured by French company Dring. It’s a smart cane for the elderly especially designed to learn their habits. In the process it can also detect unusual activities, like slipping or falling over. After which it will automatically alert family or caregivers, without the users having to do anything. It will notify their location through text or email per

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The Smart Bed

This smart innovation from the Sleep Number 360 smart bed will keep you sleeping like a baby. It will sense your movements and automatically adjusts your sleeping position to keep you comfortable all throughout the night. It will still work even if there’s the two of you in bed. Cold feet? Not to worry, it can warm your feet to get you ready faster for sleep. It can even raise your head to finally stop that snoring.

LG’s Levitating Speakers

The PJ9 levitating speakers from LG has powerful electromagnets that is housed inside the “Levitation Station”. This keeps the speaker suspended for 10 hours of continued use. When the battery is beginning to drain, the speaker slowly descends to the Levitation Station and charges all by itself. It does not need any intervention from the listener and your music will continuously play along as per

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