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CES 2017: NVIDIA Spot Extends Google Assistant Throughout Your Home

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There’s a common gripe with the Google Home, Amazon Echo and helpers guided with voices: the user must be within their listening range to make them work. However, NVIDIA might’ve just solved that problem by introducing the NVIDIA Spot.

A lot of innovations were introduced to today by none other than NVIDIA’s CEO, Jen-Hsung Huang. Announcements include self-driving cars, AI, and VR. Most of which are to be used in easing people’s everyday lives.


NVIDIA’s Spot is a hybrid speaker and mic that brings Google Assistant everywhere in your home. However, the user must have a NVIDIA Shield TV which will serve as the central hub. And given that the Spot is small and simple, NVIDIA envisions being able to put multiples of it throughout the user’s home.


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Hence, it will always be available and any Spot device would hear the user from about 20 feet away. It will always send the query to the Shield TV and hand it back to the user using the nearest speaker. The Spot device was shown being directly plugged into a wall power outlet without using a cord.

Hence, the placement won’t be totally flexible but will, of course, be very simple. And thanks to its size, taking up a couple of power outlets around the house shouldn’t be any issue.

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NVIDIA Spot Release Date & Price

Apparently, NVIDIA didn’t say anything about Spot’s release date. NVIDIA only stated that it is due to arrive sometime in a couple of months. However, NVIDIA is kind enough to enlighten their fans with its price. NVIDIA Spot is going be priced at $49.99 each.

In addition, it won’t be cheap to be in every room. On the positive side, it will likely be more affordable than buying multiple dedicated smart speakers. It will also be advantageous to some people where speakers are considered overkill.

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