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CES 2017: Naughty America Has Official Presence In Tech Show

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CES this year has been a big gathering of the latest technological innovation for 2017. CES is a regular gathering for tech companies to show off their latest innovations. Which is why many event goers were shocked that one unexpected company managed to officially land a booth at CES 2017. Naughty America is the first of its industry to officially land a spot in CES 2017 this year.  And they were able to feature the future of VR porn.

Porn Tech Show

Naughty America’s section at CES 2017 was surprisingly modest. There were no scantily clad booth babes or any explicit imagery of porn at all. Their section of the showroom may be subtle but they did feature explicit adult material when visitors got close enough.

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Naughty America’s cocktail tables feature VR headsets with spokespersons within arms-reach. Curious visitors who dare to put on the VR headsets get to see first-hand what Naughty America is innovating on: VR Porn.


Naughty America making it to CES 2017 this year was a long uphill campaign. CIO Ian Paul detailed that Naughty America had to follow a long list of stipulation just to be allowed to have an exhibit at the showroom.

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Naughty America’s spokespersons dressed in simple black while personnel who wore the Naughty America shirt and blue jeans had a special restriction. They were only allowed to walk the show floor but never allowed to stay still.

CES’ parent organization, the CTA gave Naughty America a number of restrictions as a compromise to allow them to have a presence at the event floor. Naughty America gave in to the compromises and the visitor’s reactions affirm that Naughty America’s efforts had paid off.

A number of showroom visitors had paid Naughty America’s exhibit attention and the reactions of the visitors showed excitement. It seems the guests are giving Naughty America’s VR porn a warm welcome at CES 2017.

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