CES 2017 Genican: This Smart Garbage Can Updates Your Shopping List On Its Own!

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CES 2017: Genican

Nowadays, technology is trying to get the best out of the many innovators hustling for new discoveries. From Virtual Reality, to self-automated cars, to robot-assistants… CES 2017 even featured GeniCan, the very first smart garbage can device.

People could think of something impossible now and have it on the television screens tomorrow–literally!

Purpose of the Genican

Rob Griffin, the co-founder and inventor of GeniCan revealed the common problem he has at home. And probably everybody’s home.

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He shared a story about how her wife called him on a work conference and asked him to take a photo of their grocery list. Since then he thought of a way to solve the problem of going to the grocery store, and forgetting the important things to buy.

Griffin believed that there was a better way than to just writing down a list or downloading a grocery list app that people never updates. Thus, the creation of GeniCan.

CES 2017 Genican Features

There’s a new product making a name in the field of smart home. And it’s on its way to make life simpler for those who often forget what they need to buy in the grocery stores.

As per Market Wired, GeniCan is a Wi-Fi enabled smart device that is attached to normal garbage cans. What it does is it scans the product that people throw away in their trash cans and automatically updates the user’s grocery list.

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The smart garbage can device is also capable of ordering common household items such as paper towels and shampoos. Even more, it scan the snacks that people throw away. And this was made possible through Genican’s partnership with Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service.

CES 2017: Genican

Additionally, shoppers need not to worry too much if their items lack barcodes. The items could be added to the list by simply holding the item in front of the GeniCan. Owners of the device could also instruct the GeniCan through voice recognition.

And for those people who are worried they might accidentally input an unwanted item on the list, the GeniCan only accepts items that have been scanned intentionally. This means that items that people didn’t scan on the device will not be included on the grocery list.

The device also enables every member of the family to actively participate in shopping!

GeniCan will be set for demos at CES 2017 and is currently available for preorder at $124.99.

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