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CES 2017: AirTV Could Be A Streaming Device You Can’t Live Without

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Dish AirTV

Dish is planning to launch a new streaming device at CES this year. The Dish AirTV, which is based on Android operating system, is going to debut at the tradeshow in Las Vegas. The AirTV is embedded with many interesting features.

The best thing about AirTV is that you can take the advantages of Android wealth including media and all sort of apps. But, the TV is designed to grab over the signals with an antenna for live streaming. Let?s discover the entire features of this newly invented TV with TheBitBag.

Dish AirTV Advantages

The users will not be restricted to using Android apps and streaming live TV. However, the Dish AirTV also offers 4K support. With the help of 4k support, you can easily grab content from Netflix and YouTube applications.

It also works with a Sling TV for a cable-free streaming subscription cord cutting experience. As the TV is based on the Android operating system, AirTV is now the best source to bring a smart TV device to charm your living room.

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dish airtv

Dish AirTV Features and Specs

Dish AirTV generally looks like a small white and blue Apple TV with an built-in voice input, a remote and a nice pair of Android TV itself. Although it looks like a toy, but looks is not everything when it comes to performance and entertainment. It also offers a healthy range of content option.

Dish AirTV is a sign that the technology is changing the world of TV and cable providers. The AirTV is available in both OTA and streaming only hardware configurations at just $129 for the antenna version and $99 without an antenna. Both the devices are on sale today at Dish?s new website dedicated to AirTv.

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Besides, AirTV, the company also debuted a new ?Optimized for Sling TV? certification program on Tuesday. This is generally a way for getting the best experience for Sling TV.

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