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CES 2017: 5 Biggest Trends of CES Revealed by Tech World

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The biggest tech event of the world is here. Many people are going to witness some of the best developments of technology. With nearly 200,000 attendees, the conference offers numerous innovations and the latest things that none of us could predict. TheBitBag has collected the best biggest trends of CES that are revealed in the Tech World.

Virtual Reality is the next big thing

VR and AR are now a common thing, everyone knows what is VR and how to use it. Although everyone knows what is VR and AR, not everyone experienced it. Making people use the VR experience on a daily basis, like TV and smartphone, is going to be the next big thing in 2017.


SmartTVs rocked the tradeshow this year as well. Now, people want to have good viewing experience in their own home. No other thing can offer this as good as a smartTV. This technology will offer users a mesmerizing experience for their daily TV viewing. By connecting the TV to the internet, users will not be able to access their media apps on a big screens. That will be the best part of technology.

trends of ces

More wearables

Although the smartwatches are not so common amongst the users, the health bands won the hearts of millions. The users of the Apple watch often compared to their laptops and tablets. On the other hand, well-known health band brands, like Fitbit, are offering specific niches to better serve its use. Besides, smartwatch and health bands, baby monitors and pet trackers are more likely to become the big trend-setter in the tech world.

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VR ready Laptops and Styluses

Laptop graphics are getting increasingly close to their desktop counterparts because of the latest development of AMD’s Polaris and Nvidia’s Pascal. Razer, Alienware, and many other companies are going to join the VR ready laptops and styluses.

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Digital Home Assistance

Digital home assistant is the next big thing in the tech world. As our homes are becoming smarter day by day, we can easily manage them digitally. We can operate them in a single click, as all the devices are having Internet. Besides, home robots debuted in CES, like Kuri, will rule the world in the near future.

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