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CES 2015: The Samsung ATIV Round-up

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The Blade 9, the latest member of the ATIV series [Samsung US]

CES 2015 has turned out to be a well-awaited event every year.

That?s a testament to the consumer electronics companies such as Apple, Sony, and Microsoft manage to churn out every year. There?s also manufacturers like Dell, Lenovo, and Acer, all of which has managed to surprise us at the event this year. Dell has got two offerings in the guise of their own XPS 13 and the Alienware 15; Lenovo and Acer, meanwhile, impressed with the LaVie and the Chromebook.

As it appears, Samsung is prepared to impress as well. As per Digital Trends, we take a look at Samsung?s very own ATIV Book Blade 9. The latest to come from their ATIV Book 9 line, there?s every reason to think that perhaps Samsung has outdone themselves yet again. The Book Blade 9 seems to espouse what has been a trend among laptops at the CES 2015 this year?the more easier to carry, the better.

The ATIV Book 9 Line

The ATIV Book 9 line has always been one of Samsung?s beefier lines.

With a commercial drilling the line ?Be SuperlATIV? into the mind, it does seem that Samsung?s Book 9 is primed and made to be superlative in every way, to borrow the phrase. As per Samsung?s website, the Samsung ATIV Book 9 is a series of laptops with emphasis on being ultra-slim and yet ultra-powerful. It does give a certain thin laptop from another company that?s having a heated rivalry with Samsung a run for its money.

There are different flavors in which a person can avail of the ATIV Book 9. From the Core M to the i7, Samsung made sure that all bases are covered, and that whatever demand of the market can be answered by them without batting an eyelash.

What the ATIV Book Blade 9 Brings to the Table

At its most basic, however, Digital Trends brings to us the features of the Samsung ATIV Book Blade 9.

The laptop, as per Digital Trends, is just at above two pounds. It?s not as light as the other laptops in its range, however?the LaVie takes that round. What it does have, however, is its balance between weight and enough of a design to make it look luxurious. As standard with Samsung models, the ATIV Book Blade 9 has a Core M processor, which also helps it have around 12.5 hours of battery life.

It has a 256GB SSD for storing your files and documents, as well as a pair of 10-watt Dolby Surround Sound speakers?enough to give you enough music to last throughout the day. That?s already a steal for a laptop that?s so light.

CES 2015?s Surprises

The CES 205 sure did bring some pretty nice gifts to little boys and girls.

While that?s the case, it?s certain that all the laptops in the CES 2015?from Samsung, Lenovo, Acer and Dell?will be the hot draws of this year. What about you? What will you buy from the current ?cream of the crop? of the CES 2015 laptops?


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