CES 2015 Aftermath: Acer and Lenovo take Centerstage

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The Acer Chromebook, one of the attractions from the CES 2015 [Acer US]

Yesterday, the brand in highlight was Dell.

Dell had two entries worthy of a nod at the concluded Consumer Electronics Show 2015. The Alienware and Dell brands have fielded in worthy products in the form of the XPS 13 and the Alienware 15, making people?s choices just that much harder. However, Dell wasn?t the only company that fielded a product in the CES for sure. There are also other companies such as Acer and Lenovo who showed the people what they had to offer this early in the year.

Here, we take a look at Lenovo and Acer?s laptops, as per Digital Trends. Acer?s entry is a laptop that appears to be for the tech-savvy surfer?although it appears that it?s tied up with one and only one browser. Lenovo?s entry, on the other hand, is a marvel of engineering?a truly thin laptop which still packs as much oomph as its beefier cousins from across the board. These and more as we take a look at these products from the CES 2015.

Acer Chromebook?Want Google? You Got It

Chromebooks are a novelty, as per Digital Trends. They?re cute and worth a try, until you see what Acer has cooked up for their own version of the Chromebook.

Their Chromebook is good enough to use?a large display, spacious keyboard and touchpad design?and it?s also good enough for a Chromebook. The main reason for the Chromebook name, however, is the OS. It uses Google?s own OS. For those who?ve never used it before, it might be confusing enough to give a try. However, with two flavors on the way?one packing 1080p of display, 4GB of RAM, as well as a Core i3 processor, while the other has a 1,366 x 768 display, a Broadwell processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, as per Digital Trends.

It might seem like a glorified tablet; however, with Acer?s help, it might appear that the Chromebook is headed for bigger things, and the Acer Chromebook might just be the tip of the iceberg.

Lenovo LaVie Z?the Life of the Party

Lenovo?s answer to the laptop/tablet hybrid party is the Lenovo LaVie Z.

It looks and feels like the MacBook Air, but with the power of beefier laptops like Dell?s. It uses an Intel Core processor?albeit the Core M?but an Intel processor nonetheless. There are two flavors for the LaVie?one is the standard, clamshell laptop HZ550, as per Digital Trends; the other is the HZ750 with the option to go for Core i7. The difference of the LaVie from the rest is that this model is actually light enough to be used as a tablet, as per Digital Trends.

There are a lot of portable devices coming out now, but none with the power of the LaVie Z. The Lenovo LaVie Z has primed itself to come out at the top and start a revolution in portable devices.

Technology on the Rise

We are in the thick of a trend which sees people clamoring more and more for tech that is not only eye-catching but also innovative. It might also be good that this is happening, for technology is in a race that only helps it evolve; who knows? In the next few years or so, Lenovo, Acer, or any of the big companies might give us gadgets the likes of which are only seen in movies.


Photo Credit: Acer US

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