Celebrity Tattoo Artist Recons Zayn Malik?s New Ink, Says He?ll Regret It Soon

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One Direction?s tattoo artist Kevin Paul says Zayn Malik will soon regret his new artwork on his face.

The singer surprised his fans on Friday after revealing he got a new tat on his temple. His latest artwork showed a bird with letters M.O.M. written across. Many believe that the letters were referring to his latest and first solo album ?Mind of Mine,? which will be out on the shelves on March 25.

?I think he?ll end up regretting it and it would be hard to cover up without making the new design a lot bigger and darker,? celebrity tattooist Kevin Paul told Mirror. ?It would be best to have it lasered off and would probably cost more than ?600.?

Mr. Paul has also inked other One Direction member including Harry Styles. And he himself is fond of tattoos including one he permanently drew on his face at the age of 28.

?I regret the ones on my face now but not the ones on my head because I can cover them up,? he admitted.

He also revealed that the Pillowtalk singer is not showing a good example to its fans.

?It?s really not a good tattoo and this is the problem with celebrities, they rush off and let anybody ink them,? he revealed. ?Out of everyone in One Direction, Zayn had the best tattoos, but his is not one of them.?

The former One Direction singer has already over 40 tattoos around his body. Before making up his mind on referring his first solo album, friends close to Malik reveal he originally wanted a ?T? for his mother Trisha, the Telegraph reports.

?Zayn prides himself on his body art being 100 percent unique and likes to have meaning behind it,? an insider said.

Meanwhile, some of Malik?s fans seem to agree with his tattoo artist. Some commented the design was ?awful? and ?tacky? and one said ?this is honestly the worst thing he could?ve done,? on his Instagram post.

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