Celebrity iCloud Hack Man Said Jennifer Lawrence Nude Images Stolen Via Phishing, Not Server Breach

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Celebrity iCloud Hack Jennifer Lawrence

Some 18 months after the celebrity iCloud hack news broke out, we finally find out the truth about how the nude images of celebrities leaked all over the web.

Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence was one of the victims of the hack and it has been reported that the nude images were stolen via phishing and was not a server breach.

According to BGR, in early September 2014, Apple had explained that their iCloud security was not breached and the perpetrators probably used phishing schemes to acquire usernames and passwords from their victim?s Apple accounts.

Now it has been confirmed, as reported by Reuters, that Ryan Collins, 36, from Lancaster, Pennsylvania has pleaded guilty to charges of felony violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, as stated in court documents.

The Pennsylvania man will face up to five years in federal prison, with 18 months recommended term and $250,000 fine. Though he admits to the crime, there was no evidence that he was the one who posted or leaked the photos online. The investigation still continues, nonetheless.

Around the same time the scandal ensued, big iPhone upgrades were in the works from Apple and just a few days ahead of the launch of the iPhone 6, the iCloud security scandal broke out originating from the iPhone backups.

Collins, with the use of phishing log in details from celebrities, managed to log into Gmail accounts and even download files from iCloud where the nude photos were extracted, BGR reports.

What Collins did was simple, he sent the victims emails that appeared to have been sent by Apple or Google to fool them into sending in their account credentials. Between November 2012 and September 2014, he was able to gain access to at least 72 Gmail accounts and 50 iCloud accounts.

Other celebrities who were victims of the scandal were Ariana Grande, Jenny MacCarthy, Kate Upton, Victoria Justice and Mary E. Winstead.

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