Twitter Birthday Greeting For Users In A Burst Of Colors

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Nothing beats the feeling (or embarrassment) of Social Media letting everyone know that you?re old. Sorry, older. For Facebook, they make it obvious that it is your friend?s birthday before and during their celebrations. Everyone?s birthday in each month is also displayed to ensure that your friends? celebration wouldn?t slip past your radar. And if you do forget, it even reminds you of birthdays ?you may have missed?. Facebook even allows ease of wall posting by enabling users to type a wall post without the need to visit the celebrant?s profile.

In Twitter?s bid to optimize their user?s birthday experience, Twitter levelled-up by making birthdays more apparent. Red, blue, yellow, and various shades of transparent animated balloons will however around your profile page. Celebrants can now look at the flood of happy birthday tweets as balloons parade their screen to themselves that they are now one year older.

Encoding your birth date is entirely optional, and if you decide to take the plunge, not only will you fill your screen with balloons for your friends, and family to see, but you will also open yourself for easy marketing with Twitter popping out advertisements it thinks it wants celebrants to see.

Opening Yourself to Advertisers

Users who do not wish to disclose their birth date but wish to enter their information on Twitter, can toggle with profile visibility settings.?But even if you keep your information private or to select users, privacy settings won?t bar advertisers from getting the information they need.

While Twitter?s way of celebrating birthdays is new, the concept of using your personal information for equipping advertisers with the knowledge on what products interests Twitter users has started last week.

With this implementation came Twitter?s way of bracketing users with similar interests on??audience insights for brands? on how to reach interested audiences and their target markets. Twitter can simply analyze of what you tweet to gather information. Their latest devised way is through getting your birth date.

Twitter will collect the same information for birthday celebrants. ?For example, we will use your birthday to show you more relevant content, including ads,? Twitter said in their support page.

Twitter however guarantees that all collected information will remain private.

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