‘Catlateral Damage’: Forget About Goat Simulator, Be A Cat And Cause Some Serious Damage

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Catlateral Damage
Catlateral Damage

We?ve been seeing a lot of ?simulator? games recently. Lately, we?ve also covered the latest Rock Simulator game which allows you to become a rock, or watch it. All simulator games have come and go, but this one might be the most accurate simulator that you?ll ever see. Meet Catlateral Damage. A game that lets you become a cat.

So what exactly is Catlateral Damage all?about? In this game, you take the role of being a ?cat?. Unlike Goat Simulator which allows you to become a goat, but do ?ungoatly? things like extending your tongue 50 times its normal size and flying with a jetpack, Catlateral Damage sticks to a more realistic approach on being a cat.

?Catlateral Damage is a first-person destructive cat simulator where your goal is to knock as many of your owner’s possessions onto the ground as possible. It is currently in alpha and being created with Unity by Chris Chung. The full version will include additional levels, lots of objects to swat at, and more!?

This description pretty much sums up what Catlateral Damage is right now. You do what a typical cat left alone in a room do. Knock over every possible object you can on the ground. Books, shelves, flower vases, desktop computers, monitors, t.v, pillows, everything. You do all this in a first person perspective. You have the option to shove an object using the cat?s left and right paws which are controlled by left and right clicks. This should have been titled as ?Jerk Cat Simulator? instead.

The game is still in its early alpha stages, but as it is already successfully funded in Kickstarter, we can expect a brighter future for it. Much like how well, Goat Simulator, was received, Catlateral Damage can potentially expand into a bigger game than just about a cat wreaking havoc.

You can check the Kickstarter page here to see what the developer has planned for the epic game in the making.

Image Source: CatlateralDamage.com

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