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Catfish The TV Show’ Season 6: How Fake Tinder Guy Victimizing Playboy Model Got Busted

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Catfish The TV Show Season 6 shows a fake Tinder guy, who victimized former Playboy model Jayme Nelson, gets busted in episode 1. Nelson traces the truth about a man named Lucas who she fell in love with at the dating site. And as always, Nev and Max take on their task to help.

Fortunately, Nelson had found the right people. Nev and Max are able to find a guy on Facebook named Zach who seemed to match Lucas’ description. Their next step was to catfish him to obtain more details. Women from the MTV crew sent him a follow request on Instagram and he accepted. And when they were able to take a look at his followers, they found out that he is only following women.

Urszula, another woman who was also his victim, later joined the hunt. Urszula revealed that according to Lucas, whose real name is Zach, he had already catfished more than 400 women. And to him, it was nothing but some sort of experiment.

Furthermore, a text which had a photo of all the women together was sent to Zach. He replied saying he?ll be glad to meet all of them at his parents? home. Nev took his phone to find lists of women he has been dealing with and his relationship with them.

And nothing could have been more surprising than to see nude photos of these women on his phone.

It looks like Zach does not realize the cost of his so-called experiment. Nev, Max and the women wanted to hear from him about why he had to cause serious emotional damage to all these girls.

Zach may or may not realize how wrong his actions are, particularly on creating a fake account on Tinder and other social media sites. Whatever his route is, it?s over. Nev and Max have already announced that he is fake on Instagram. And that?s how a bogus Tinder guy gets busted on Catfish The TV Show.

Up next on Catfish: The TV Show is an episode titled ?Catfish: The Ones That Got Away.? ?It is scheduled to air on MTV on August 16, 2016 at 4 p.m.

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