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?Catfish The TV Show? Season 5: Wife Cheats On Husband, Secrets To Be Revealed In Episode 16 ‘Candic & Titus’

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Catfish The TV Show Season 5 could only reveal more shocking secrets and surprises. On the hit series? episode 16 titled ?Candic & Titus,? a wife named Candic wants to come clean after cheating on her husband, Titus. The issue seems to have started when the married woman opted to exchange messages with a man she met online.

And they?re no ordinary messages because there?s intimacy that comes with them. But it looks like the wife?s secret is not the only thing to be revealed.

Candic is said to have a traumatic past which actually led her to her husband. Now she wants to break her old ways of living and void all her secrets. But before she actually makes a confession, she wishes to discover who the paramour really is.

As for Titus, there is something about his story that does not seem to check out with the cast of the Catfish The TV Show. What has been learned is that he has a shopping app. It seems like Titus also has some secrets to be revealed to Candice. And, whether or not he has something to admit to his wife will be known when the reality series? Episode 16 airs on MTV on August 24, 2016. Check out the episode?s teaser here.

After ?Candic & Titus? is aired, episode 17 titled ?Catfish: The Untold Stories Part 7? will follow. The said episode will air on August 29, 2016. Fans could expect to learn about previously untold stories. These stories are shared by the people who got the chance to experience them.

Aside from its interesting concept about finding love in the digital age, avid viewers are also looking forward to see more from the hosts of the show. Catfish The TV Show is hosted by Nev Schulman and Max Joseph. They helped solve cases and most people find themselves in the right hands when Schulman and Joseph lead the way.

Schulman and Joseph also co-created the MTV reality series with Henry Joost?s Paranormal Activity 3 co-director Ariel Schulman.

Meanwhile, if you were not able to catch Catfish The TV Show ?s previous episode titled ?Spencer & Katy,? watch it here.

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