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?Catfish The TV Show? Season 5: Guy Thinks He’s Dating A Single Mom But He’s In For A Surprise

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Catfish The TV Show never runs out of surprises. It was previously reported that the hit MTV documentary show has been renewed for its sixth instalment. But before avid viewers see what the next season has to offer, Catfish The TV Show Season 5 still has some exciting stories of catfishing to tell.

Catfish The TV Show Season 5, Episode 20 focuses on the story of a young man who has fallen in love with someone he met online. The woman introduced herself to him as a single mom.

But avid viewers of the show know that Catfish is all about surprises and revelations. Fans anticipate that something that?s not viable could be going on.

Big Surprise on Catfish The TV Show Season 5, Episode 20

Synopsis for Catfish The TV Show Season 5, Episode 20 suggest that the woman claims she?s experiencing a period of bad luck. But despite her supposed situation, the young man wants to meet her. He wants to know more about the identity of the ?single mom? who happens to steal his heart only to discover the greatest surprise of his life.

Episode 20 is all set to air in a few hours. And as the wait draws near, avid viewers of the fun show have their own predictions on what the surprise is all about.

Many think that the woman is not actually a single mom. Worse, she is not actually a woman. If this is the case, it?s safe to say that it will undeniably be a sad surprise for the young man who could have fallen in love with the wrong person, at the wrong place.

Catfish The TV Show has gained a huge fan base and positive reviews mainly because of its interesting stories. The show presents how finding a potential life partner in the digital age usually looks like.

Catfish The TV Show is hosted by Nev Schulman and Max Joseph. Episode 20 is slated to air on Tuesday, September 14 at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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